Man Flu


Man Flu

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Man flu

– the condition shared by all males where a common illness (usually a mild cold) is presented as life-threatening. This winter, thousands of men across the country will be the butt of many jokes as they struggle with the sniffles.

Man flu,(not to be confused with woman flu, nor the much less serious actual flu) is the single most fatal illness in the known universe.  It is estimated that every year 482 million men die from this disease! It’s a commonly heard term these days, but why is this exclusive to men?  There is only one species known to man that is immune to the devastating man flu – Women!

Here are some symptoms;

  • Sneezing your brains out.
  • Losing the ability to walk.
  • Losing the ability to do anything except groan in agony and claw at the uninfected
  • Death.
  • Random loss of limb(s).
  • Inability to visit his parents for the weekend
Sufferers of this flu are often ridiculed by women for claiming to have the incurable disease. 
Ladies, are the men in your life are dying from this incurable disease? Make their suffering a little easier with our Man Flu box.


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